cosmetic dentistry Raleigh, NC

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is one of the most sought after cosmetic features in the world. People from all backgrounds and professions want a bright, straight smile, and we are here to help turn that desire into reality. Whether through minor adjustments or major treatment plans, our cosmetic dentistry practice aims to improve your smile and help you build confidence in the way your teeth look.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to your existing teeth. They cover your teeth and restore your beautiful smile.

The first step in the dental veneer procedure is tooth preparation. A tiny amount of the surface of the tooth is removed to allow space for the veneer. Then an impression of your teeth is made. This impression is what is used to create your veneers. A coating is placed on your teeth to minimize their sensitivity to air and cold.

Next comes the fitting. The appearance and fit of the porcelain is checked in your mouth to be sure that it will meet your esthetic and functional requirements. If there needs to be any adjustments made to the veneers, it is done at this time.

Finally, the veneers are bonded to your teeth. The end result is a durable, beautiful restoration that acts like it is a natural part of your teeth.

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Porcelain Crowns Raleigh, NC

Porcelain Crowns

Getting porcelain crowns is the best way to have a very natural looking smile. They are used when simply filling in a tooth is not an option. There are times when they decay is so bad that we just have to use a porcelain crown. We also use them with severely damaged teeth or teeth that have already had multiple fillings. Porcelain crowns are attached right to your teeth so that they can function, even when you bite something really hard! There are several types of porcelain crowns so it is important to discuss which type is best for you with your dentist.

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Bonding Raleigh, NC


Dental bonding is the procedure where we apply a tooth colored plastic material to a patient’s tooth. Using a special light, the material hardens and bonds the material to the tooth.

Dental bonding is used to improve a patient’s smile. It can be used on cracked and decaying teeth. It also can be used for cavities. It can be used to change the shape and size of your teeth so you have a more uniform smile! It is also commonly used for receding gums by protecting the exposed teeth!

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